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☆ kim ☆
17 December 2020 @ 12:00 am
hello hi, i'm ☆ kim ☆ and this is kick ass.
not r e a l l y.
i'm a little bit shy but i write mainly write fti fics
there's also a comm (woosiq) for other things i write
but it's member-locked, mainly to friends ^ q ^
enjoy your s t a y

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☆ kim ☆
21 May 2014 @ 05:02 pm
time is over
exo // xiuyeol // pg // wc: 1k+

▶ it's all over and everything resets.

▶▶ a/n: mama!au (ish) plus kinda based on the pv heat haze days.
p.s: unedited and written while half awake

they're oppositesCollapse )
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☆ kim ☆
22 April 2014 @ 02:31 am
shameless advertisement time, yaaaaay !!
i have a writing blog (which is basically tumblr) and im more likely to tease everyone with wip's on there.

but yaay. idk i dont really post much on here tbh u____u soo

you can also follow my twitter here >> !!
and my tumblr here >> !!
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☆ kim ☆
26 December 2013 @ 02:27 am
snapshot cliches pt.1 (/4)
exo | xiuyeol | wc: ~2384
hipster!au (somewhat): chanyeol is what you dub as a "hipster" and he ends up falling in love at first sight.

it feels like the start of a shoujo mangaCollapse )
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☆ kim ☆
21 December 2013 @ 08:36 pm
sunkissed (1/?)
exo | xiumin-centric | wc: ~893
minseok receives a set of vouchers from participating in a college festival event.

a/n: written for pauline based off of this prompt, it's going to be in parts and im sorry if it looks rushed ;______; i wrote it at like 3am;;

congratulations~! you have just won 11 knights in shining kisses~Collapse )
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☆ kim ☆
09 December 2013 @ 11:56 pm
snowflake memories
ft island | seunghwan | wc: ~2473 words
he's left in the snow only to be embraced by the warm, melting memories.

warning: angst, unedited, grammar issues yes.

minhwan left him on a snowy day and memories of him melted like snowCollapse )
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☆ kim ☆
11 October 2013 @ 10:46 pm
ice diamonds
91line | wc: ~1172 words
woohyun royally fucks up.

a/n: this is so ba d

“sometimes i wonder if anyone finds a group of asian mobsters intimidating.”Collapse )
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☆ kim ☆
11 October 2013 @ 09:35 pm
grey edges
xiuchen | exo; wc: ~831 words
he's at his tipping point.

warnings: character death
a/n: actual first exo fic that i rewrote, mama!au-ish, kinda.

he wants him back in his miserable lifeCollapse )
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☆ kim ☆
19 September 2013 @ 06:26 am
apple martinis, lemon vodka, and tequila
ftiexo | sehun/jaejin; pg-13; wc: ~2840 words
kibum drags jaejin to a club in hongdae and there he meets oh sehun.

warnings: underaged drinking
a/n: challenge for intoaclub, also title really has nothing to do with this, it just sounded cute.

"if you were a mcdonald's meal, you'd be call the mcbeauty."Collapse )
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☆ kim ☆
15 September 2013 @ 03:37 pm
ft island | jongjae; wc: 560 words
jaejin's priorities are different from jonghun's.

a/n: based off of this

warnings: it mentions sexting, thats it.

hold on i'm crying over animeCollapse )
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