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ft island | jongjae; wc: 560 words
jaejin's priorities are different from jonghun's.

a/n: based off of this

warnings: it mentions sexting, thats it.

Jonghun tries to remember the last time he and his boyfriend had attempted at anything sexual in the past three months. Three months of no sex, three months of no sexting, this needs to change. He grabs his phone and begins to text to his boyfriend, Jaejin. He pauses. What if Jaejin doesn’t reply back because of their previous sexting endeavors? Sure Jonghun is a bit weird when it comes to sexting since in the end it always involves Jaejin having to type out rather descriptive sentences on what he’s “wearing” and other kinky roleplay shit, but hey, a man with needs has to do what a man with needs has to do. And that is, clear out all sexual tensions through stupid texts and masturbating to it.

God he feels like an embarrassment to humanity like Hongki had told him a couple nights before when Jonghun decided to get shit-faced drunk because he was just too damn horny.

He types two simple words and presses send, waiting for Jaejin’s reply.

to: jaejin
sext me

from: jaejin
hold on I’m crying over anime

Jonghun stares at his phone, eyebrows furrowed together. Did Jaejin just choose a silly Japanese animation over his boyfriend? Hell no.

to: Jaejin
what, did you just choose anime over me???

from: Jaejin
oh god, jonghun there are actual tears. holy shti oh ymg od don’t let shouma dieeeeeeeee

Jonghun frowns, who the hell is Shouma? And why is anime more important than him. A few second later his phone rings out a familiar jingle. The name Kim “Key” Kibum flashes on the screen, his frown deepens, Kibum never calls unless it’s Jaejin related.

He picks up the call and carefully places the phone near his ear. “Hello?” Jonghun can faintly hear pathetic sniffling and moans of “I can’t believe that happened,” in the background. This is mildly concerning because it sounds oddly like Jaejin.

“Hey, Jonghun, just an FYI, but Jaejin is currently crying over some penguin anime—“

“Mawaru Penguindrum!” someone yells out, probably Jaejin, faintly in the background.

“Yeah that, and he’s probably in no state to sext you or whatever.”

“Is he—“

“We’re in a skype call,” Kibum answers before Jonghun could finish his question.

“How do—“

“He announced it before he started bawling,” Kibum sighs, “what a big baby.”

“Why would he even ask you that?” Jonghun asks. Really, why would Jaejin tell Kibum about him wanting to sext with him? He’s starting to feel more like an embarrassment to humanity.

“Uh, haven’t you heard the term, best friend? So of course he would tell me.”


Kibum cuts Jonghun off. “Ugh, whatever, I need to comfort Jaejin because it’ll take him forever to get over the death of his favorite anime character, bye.” And the line goes dead.

Jonghun stares at his phone in disbelief for a while. His boyfriend prioritized anime over him and he’s honestly at a loss. He still feels like an embarrassment to humanity, but even more now because his boyfriend is some dweeb that watches anime religiously. Even worse, his best friend has to call him because his boyfriend is currently in distraught over a character death.

His phone vibrates in his hand and he stares at the message.

from: jaejin
im sad, sorry for nottexign back, still nto ok

Fucking, Lee Jaejin.
Tags: f: ft island, fanfic, p: jongjae
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