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ice diamonds
91line | wc: ~1172 words
woohyun royally fucks up.

a/n: this is so ba d

—ice diamonds.
Kibum curses, slamming his hands against the driving wheel. He angrily turns his head, glaring at the man cowering in the back seat, squished between a door and another disgruntled man. “Woohyun, you screwed up, you fucked up,” he hisses out.

The man, Woohyun, looks back at him with large eyes. “I didn’t mean for that to happen, I swear, Kibum.”

The blonde’s eyes narrows at the man. “Shut up. Just shut up, don’t speak, don’t say anything. I don’t want to hear your goddamn stupid voice or see your ugly face. You have no privilege to call me Kibum, none of you do.”

Key, I said that I’m sorry!”

“Sorry doesn’t do anything.”

Woohyun throws his hands into the air, one hand knocking into the tinted windows, other smacking the poor person sitting next to him. “How the hell would I know that someone tipped the cops!?”

“You could’ve just taken out your gun, shoot the guy’s face before he signaled for the cops, and ran with the goods,” Kibum argues. “Even Jaejin would do better than you!”

“It’s not that simple, Key! He had a gun too and it was actually in his hand,” Woohyun refutes. “He would’ve shot me first if I took out my gu—You so did not compare me to Jaejin. Look at his face, he doesn’t look like he can harm a fly!”

The man sitting in shotgun sighs. “Woohyun if you don’t shut up,” he turns and cocks his gun at the man’s forehead, “I’ll shoot your goddamn face.”


“Not another word.” Jaejin turns back to the front and sighs, crossing his arms.

“Sometimes I wonder if anyone finds a group of Asian mobsters intimidating,” Woohyun mumbles. The man next to him jabs his elbow into his stomach. “Omph! What the hell, Dongwoon!?”

Dongwoon shushes Woohyun and points to Kibum.

Woohyun finally keeps his mouth closed for a good ten minutes, allowing Kibum a short amount of time to have a breather. Rare moments of silence are treasured, especially if their name is Woohyun Nam.

He lets out a sigh and mutters under his breath about how he needs his smokes now and runs a hand through his hair. They weren’t in the best state as of now, car parked in a secluded alleyway with four, full grown men, Woohyun, Dongwoon, Jinwoon and Chulyong, packed in the back seat. Woohyun royally messed up, Kibum was fuming with anger, Jaejin seemed equally as pissed off at Woohyun as Kibum and the other three barely did anything to soothe their mob leader’s anger. He feels a box fall onto his lap. His face lights up with a childish glee and immediately he pulls a cancer stick from the pack. Jaejin shakes his head as he watches his friend stuff it in his mouth unlit.

"You need to learn to keep your anger in check, Kibum," Jaejin reprimands.

“Whatever, Jaejin,” Kibum snorts, “thanks for the cigs, I was in desperate need of them.”

“I know, you’re always desperate for them.”

Kibum smiles at Jaejin. “This is why I’m glad you’re my right hand and not a certain someone.” He searches his pockets for a lighter, “you’re so reliable and I can actually trust you to finish a job.”

Jaejin throws a lighter at him. Kibum catches it and is quick to light up his cigarette with only a couple of flicks. He takes a long drag, turns to face Woohyun and blows the excess smoke into his face. He grins in satisfaction as the man starts hacking his lungs out, grin only growing even larger when the others bursts out in loud laughter, except for Dongwoon, the only one considerate of Woohyun’s feelings, rubbing the man’s back with a concerned expression.

Once his fit of coughing subsided, Woohyun throws a heated glare at Kibum. “That was an ass move, Key,” he hisses out. Chulyong once again bursts into loud laughter. “Stop laughing! That wasn’t funny,” he huffs.

“It so was,” Chulyong says in reply.

“But really, why does Jaejin get to call you Kibum, why do we have to call you Key?”

"Yeah!" Chulyong exclaims in agreement. He shoots up, cursing in pain when he bumps his head against the roof of the car. "Ow ow ow ow,” he rubs top of his head. “But why does Jaejin get special treatment?"

Dongwoon looks at Chulyong, then to Woohyun and nods in agreement. “And why do four, fully grown men have to be crammed in the back seat only meant for three people?” he complains, faking a sob onto Jinwoon’s shoulder.

Jinwoon pats Dongwoon’s head, “it’s okay, everything is going to be okay.”

Kibum pinches the bridge of his nose and Jaejin laughs. He takes another drag from his cigarette before flicking it out the window. “Will you all stop complaining, please? Also, shut up Jaejin.”

“Can I go home now?” Jinwoon asks. “I have a date with Nicole—“

“No one cares about your love life with Nicole, Jinwoon,” Kibum deadpans.

“She’ll kill me—“

“No. One. Cares.” He enunciates, eyes narrowing at the man. He turns to Jaejin, sighs and gives him a weary smile. “Terrible lackeys, aren’t they?”

Jaejin nods in agreement. “Extremely Mr. Kim.”

 Kibum ignores the burst of complaints from the four in the back (“I demand we get a bigger car!” “Equal rights to all your lackeys!” “I seriously need to pee.”). “But anyways, what do we have today?”

“Nothing really,” Jaejin answers with a shrug. He taps a finger on his chin, trying to recall if there were any other important information. He grins and looks at Kibum with an excited expression. “But, I did strike a deal with G.O. for some ice,” he says, bouncing in his seat. “If they’re legit we can keep them to ourselves, but if they’re fake,” he winks, “you know what to do.”

“Of course.” Kibum returns the wink and grin. “When’s the meeting?”

"I’m supposed to meet him around five at the pier?"

Kibum turns the key and the engine returns to life. The four in the back become eerily silent, listening to the rumble of the car’s engine. Chulyong is the first to speak, but it’s in a small whisper compared to his usually loud voice.

“Key, no,” he whispers, “your driving is scary.”

Dongwoon and Jinwoon nods in agreement.

"I really need to go to the bathroom," Woohyun pipes up, "with your driving, I’d probably wet your nice leather seats, so if it’d be nice if you—“

Kibum presses on the gas pedal, letting the car rev up. “If you do piss on my seats, you’re the one that’s cleaning it, not me,” he say. “So please don’t pee on my new seats.” He shifts gears and drives off, out of the cramped alleyway and onto the streets, racing to get to the pier. This better be worth it he thinks as Jaejin laughs a bit too obnoxiously and as Chulyong, Woohyun and Jinwoon screams a bit too loudly.
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