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sunkissed (1/?)

sunkissed (1/?)
exo | xiumin-centric | wc: ~893
minseok receives a set of vouchers from participating in a college festival event.

a/n: written for pauline based off of this prompt, it's going to be in parts and im sorry if it looks rushed ;______; i wrote it at like 3am;;

Honestly Minseok hates the festivals his college throws. They’re stupid and everyone seems to be hell bent on ruining his life. They always involve him in some way (cross-dressing maid café is one of his worst memories) and it always ends up a catastrophe. To his chagrin, the photography club decided to increase their funds by sacrificing Minseok and placing him in an arm wrestling competition. He understands that he’s considerably strong, but there were better methods of making money. Why couldn’t he just beg Junmyeon for money? Just bat your eyelashes at him, nudge him a bit and there, you have 100,000 won within five minutes. That would’ve been much easier than this. It’s much easier than going through at least twenty people and humiliating because them because a small, pretty harmless looking man beat them in a game of arm wrestling.

“At least you won,” Jongdae, president of the photography club and friend, reasons. “And we were nice enough not to put you through the beauty pageant.”

Minseok huffs. “This is just for a measly 100,000 won that I could’ve weaseled out from Junmyeon easily.”

“Hey, you fucking won. Bask in the rays of victory, hyung, bask in its glory and take in the scent of your enemy’s defeat.”

“Shut up, I got nothing from it,” he grumbles. “Not even a portion of the money.”

Jongdae sighs. He pats Minseok’s back, trying to reassure him. “It’s okay, hyung. I heard they’re giving out something to everyone who participates in the event. Maybe it’ll be something life changing, you’ll never know.”

Minseok snorts. “Yeah, right.”

“I’m serious, hyung.”

“You call me hyung, but you barely treat me like one.”

“You look a lot younger than me,” Jongdae explains. He looks at Minseok, eyes twinkling with a silver of hope.
“Does it mean I’m on first name basis with you now?”


He returns to his room exhausted. His arm is sore, he has a pulsing headache and his roommate hasn’t returned yet. He approaches his bed, ready to collapse onto it only to notice a small box with a sticky note attached to the top sitting on it. He stares at the sticky note with a curious expression. He reads it: ‘congratulations~! you have just won 11 knights in shining kisses cards~!’

A frown forms on his face. He won eleven knights in shining kisses cards? What the hell did that mean?

He opens the box, greeted by a tarot card with a silhouetted figure and ‘The Voice’ written on the bottom of it. He shuffles through the cards, eleven exact. Each of them are similar to the first, a silhouetted figure and a name etched at the bottom of the card. The names are as ridiculous as the first, The Healer, The Adonis, The Rhythm, he doesn’t understand any of these. They’re his knights in shining kisses? Bullshit.

“It’s probably some prank,” he mumbles to himself. “Jongdae likes doing this to people.”

He places the cards back into its box and shoves the box into his drawer. He collapses into his bed and allows sleep to take over.

He falls asleep, unaware of the turning events that are going to occur to him.

The next day starts like normal. He wakes up, forces his roommate to wake up, wash up, eats breakfast and heads to class. He’s in Calculus when Kyungsoo, his big-eyed classmate, approaches him with a dazed look. He doesn’t ever recall speaking to him or ever interacting with him. What does he need from him?

He stands in front of Minseok, giving him a small, sheepish smile.

“Uh, Kyungsoo, right? Is there something you—“

Kyungsoo closes in, pressing his lips against his. His eyes widens at the impact, hands frantically trying to push Kyungsoo off, but strangely the younger is stronger than him. He can feel Kyungsoo humming a tune into his lips, trying to break his way through. After much of a struggle and a lot of muffled curses, Kyungsoo finally breaks the kiss. He gives Minseok another smile and walks off like he hadn’t kissed the living daylights out of him in front of everyone.

No one seems to be paying attention to him, or the fact that Kyungsoo had kissed him. His mind is scattered, he’s freaking out. Just what the hell is happening? He needs answers now. His junior just kissed him, very intensely, and walked away like it was nothing.

There shouldn’t be a reason for Kyungsoo to ki—wait.

The cards. The sticky note.

“Knights in shining—“ Kisses. Knights in shining kisses, that’s his answer.

He grabs his bag and digs through it for his phone. He needs to contact him, to ask him to grab the cards and find the cards. Instead of his phone, he grabs the deck of tarot cards. Now this is freaky, this isn’t normal. He was sure he had just stuffed it in his drawer.

He shuffles through the cards and there were only ten. One is missing. The one titled, ‘The Voice’ is missing and the next one is ‘The Healer’. If it’s what he suspects, Kyungsoo is The Voice. And if Kyungsoo is one the knights that had kissed him, it means The Healer is next. Now all he has to figure out is:

Who the hell is The Healer?
Tags: f: exo, m:xiumin
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