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snapshot cliches pt.1

snapshot cliches pt.1 (/4)
exo | xiuyeol | wc: ~2384
hipster!au (somewhat): chanyeol is what you dub as a "hipster" and he ends up falling in love at first sight.

Mornings are hectic. They’re hectic for everyone, blue-collared workers, high school students, and especially college students rushing to write their last minute paper. There’s always people rushing in and out of Starbucks with their hot cup of americano and those that oversleep and miss an important lesson. And then there’s Chanyeol, Park Chanyeol, freshman journalism major who doesn’t seem to give a care in the world. Park Chanyeol that’s seen loitering around the isolated area of the campus taking pictures of one of the many stray cats. He goes there every other day to take pictures of it to update one of his blogs on Tumblr. Honestly he loves cats even if they’re “mainstream” and he’s the one not to touch anything mainstream being a “hipster” and all.

He angles his phone carefully at the cat, getting the perfect view of the cat in the most adorable way possible. He’s careful not to accidentally wake it up. His tongue is stuck out between his lips and the large black frames of his glasses are sliding off the bridge of his nose. His eyes are focused on the screen of his iPhone, waiting for the perfect moment to snap the perfect picture of the small cat. He presses the button on the screen carefully, capturing the perfect moment. He smiles at the picture, it’s just perfect, composition and all.

He would usually have his DCLR with him, but today is different, very different. The usual half hour to hour he spends oogling at the cat is shorten to a mere ten minutes.

A voice startles him. "Oh, there’s a cat here?"

“Yeah, the girls always pass by here and—holy shit.” He looks behind him and is met with large, warm eyes. He falls back on his butt, letting out a loud yelp and his phone slips out of his hand.

The stranger’s eyes widen and eyebrows crease in worry. “Oh—are you okay? I’m sorry, is your phone alright?
Chanyeol blinks and feels for his phone on the ground. Shit the guy is cute now that he has a better look at him. Large, almond shaped eyes with very squishable cheeks and fluffy hair. He really likes the hair, he wants to run his hand through it and— “Uh,” he looks down and finds his phone, lying right in front of him, and grabs it. Butterflies are flittering around his stomach, his face is probably all red right now and fuck, it feels like the start of a clichéd shoujo manga.

He examines his phone, looking away from the boy (man? He looks like a boy) and tries to find any scratch marks or cracks on it. There’s none much to his relief, but why would there be any relief if big eyed, baby faced man is staring at him with large worried eyes.

The stranger lets out a breath of relief. “Thank god, I would’ve felt bad if it broke.”

“Oh, no it’s fine. It’s my fault for—uh,” he glances at the sleeping cat, surprisingly still asleep despite all the noise, “getting startled and dropping my phone, yeah.”

“But I’m the one that startled you—“

“No, bro, it’s cool. The Park Yeol is cool with it.”

The guy, yeah he’ll just go with guy, tilts his head to the side. “Park Yeol?”

Oh god, he did not just call himself The Park Yeol, not the stupid rapper name his friends gave him. No, no, god no. He does not want to embarrass himself, not at such a crucial moment. “Um, that’s my name, Park Chanyeol,” he says quickly, “I—er, thought it was cool sounding?”

He laughs, the guy laughs. It’s a very cute laugh, it kind of tickles his ears. “I’m Minseok, Kim Minseok.”
“Minseok, oh that’s cu—cool,” Chanyeol corrects, hoping that maybe the guy—Minseok, his name is Minseok—didn’t notice. “That’s a cool name, pleasure meeting you.”

Minseok shrugs and gives him a toothy smile, “if you say so.”

The smile melts him into a pile of goo, he doesn’t want to know if he has a stupid dopey grin on his face or not. “Uh, yeah, so cat. It’s very cute right?”

He peeks at the cat and hums in agreement, “it’s a stray, right?”

Chanyeol nods. “It sleeps here all the time, people have been complaining about it though.” He pouts. “It’s a cute cat.” He wants to add, ‘and tumblr famous too,’ but anything to save him from being humiliated. “I hope they don’t throw him in the shelter.”

There’s a long pause. Chanyeol feels nervous, he doesn’t know why, but he just does. Maybe it’s because Minseok is staring intensely at the cat. Maybe that’s it, he doesn’t know.

“I can probably bring it home,” Minseok says, “if my roommate is okay with it.”

“Seriously?” Chanyeol stares at him with large eyes. “You’ll give the cat a home?” He can feel a bright smile forming, not only was Minseok incredibly adorable as fuck, he was nice too. Willing to give a stray cat a place to call home.

“She seems tame enough, she’s used to being pampered by the girls on campus I assume.”

“It’s a she?” Chanyeol glances over to the cat then back to Minseok, “it’s a she?”

“Educated guess,” Minseok answers.

“But, you’re awesome! Now I don’t have to worry about it starving, or freezing to death or getting trampled—“ He pauses, he’s going off tangent. This is always how it is when he’s around someone he has a small amount of romantic feelings towards. But everything seems a lot worse since it’s almost (it is) like love at first sight. He is not the person who does love at first sight, he doesn’t even believe in it.

Minseok laughs and kneels down to pet the cat. The cat purrs, not minding the hand petting it. “I’d take her home now, but I have to get to class.”

Oh yeah class, people attend those. “She’ll be fine,” he reassures, “she just wanders around, but she’ll always be here when she needs a nap.”

“That’s great.” Minseok stands up. “I’ll be seeing you then?”

Chanyeol nods. “Yup, tomorrow, right here, same time?”

“Yeah, see you Park Yeol.”

“Bye, Minseok!” Chanyeol waves at the retreating figure. Once he can no longer see Minseok in his line of vision he puts his hands down and covers his face. He hopes he looked at least a tiny bit cool in Minseok’s eyes, just a tiny bit. He can’t believe he’s thinking such things, nor can he believe he’s developed a crush so fast. But it’s him, he’s Park Chanyeol, and only a Park Chanyeol can fall in love in such a small amount of time.

He needs serious help. He needs love advice and the only person who can truly help him is Kim Jongdae.


Chanyeol barges into the shop, cutting through the long line of customers and ignoring all the glares he’s receiving from them. The works doesn’t seem to mind his rude action. They’re already used to his unannounced interruption in their work day, especially if Jongdae is currently on his shift. Not even their manager can do anything to prevent this from occurring. Plus Starbucks is basically his second home.

"Jongdae, I'm having a Chanyeol problem," he announces with a grave expression.

Jongdae, the cashier behind the counter, gives him a forced smile "Hello, welcome to Starbucks. If you could be kind, sir, please go to the end of the line and we’ll get to you eventually," he says.

Chanyeol frowns. "Why aren't you asking me what's wrong like a good best friend you are?"

“Sir, we would appreciate if you would please, kindly, go to the back of the line,” he repeats with a pleasant smile. “Any personal matters shall be dealt with during my break which is in at least ten minutes, sir.”

“Terrible, you are terrible,” Chanyeol hisses. “I don’t even get the chance to order anything! You do this every time to me.”

He stomps to the back of the line, crosses his arm and taps his foot impatiently. He really needs help, he needs it urgently. He’s never felt this way for anyone before, well that’s a lie. He’s had these feelings for people, friends, his female classmates, but not in this intensity. They’re usually barely noticeable and when they are, he can somewhat ignore them, but this time he can’t.

He can’t get that toothy smile out of his head. He can’t get the lighthearted laughter to stop ringing in his ears. He really needs help.

It’s finally his turn and Jongdae still has that shit-eating smile he hates so much.

“Welcome to Starbucks! What would you like?”

"The usual," Chanyeol answers with a glare.

"An Earl Grey Tea Latte?"

Chanyeol nods, still not breaking eye contact.

"Grande, right?"

Another nod.

"That'll be six dollars and your name, sir?"

He rolls his eyes and sighs. “Chanyeol,” he answers, digging for his wallet in his pockets. He finds and pulls out a card from it, handing it to Jongdae. “Seriously, Jongdae? Seriously?”

Jongdae only hums and slides the card through the machine, handing it back to Chanyeol. He then grabs a medium sized cup, scribbles a name on the cup along with his order and slides it over to the pretty eyed barista. "Thank you for the purchase, it’ll be ready in a few minutes," he says with a grin. “Also I’ll get to your little Chanyeol problem in ten, thirteen minutes, just wait like a good little boy.”

Chanyeol grins back. “Thanks, Jong, you’re the best.”

A few minutes later he receives his latte with the words DICKIE written on it. “Jongdae, you’re the worst,” he grumbles as he sits himself down.

Jongdae is a great friend, he really is, but these are one of the moments where he hates him. He sighs, tapping his fingers on the wood table, waiting for his drink to cool and for Jongdae’s shift to end. Waiting for ten minutes is painful, waiting for a single minute is also painful, but not as much as ten minutes. He’s on his phone, scrolling through instagram looking for a picture that isn’t of Zitao and his cat by the time Jongdae arrives.

“Yo, what’s the problem.”

“You writing dickie on my cup,” Chanyeol answers, not looking up from his phone.

Jongdae snorts, “I’ve written worse on your orders, Chanyeol.” He pulls out a chair and sits down. “But seriously, what’s the Chanyeol problem? You didn’t lose your camera again did you?”

Chanyeol frowns. “No, no. Jongdae, I’d never lose my precious baby, this is something completely different and more—uh, emotions? Yes, emotions.”

“Emotions,” Jongdae deadpans. “Like, getting sad over your dead dog emotional or?”

“No—you’re fucked up, no!” Chanyeol crosses his arms, how does he say this in a slightly subtle way without getting poked and teased at. How does he—“I think I had one of those shoujo manga moments, Jongdae,” he blurts out instead.

“Excuse me.”
“Fuck—you’re going to make fun of me at this point, shit—I think I fell in love with something.” He scans the café then leans in. “It was at first sight,” he whispers.

“I thought you didn’t believe in that?”

“I don’t! And I did the thing, I fell in love at first sight,” he exclaims.

“You definitely need help.” Jongdae nods his head, “a lot of help, first, who’s the poor person?”

“Kimminseok,” he quickly says.

“Kim…" he hesitates, "Minseok.”

“Him?” Jongdae turns and glances at the pretty eyed barista. “Lu Han’s friend? Baekhyun’s roommie?”

“You know him?” Chanyeol looks at him with large eyes in disbelief. He doesn’t ever recall Baekhyun informing him of his roommate, or rather, who he’s living with in his new apartment. Well, he does, but he doesn’t ever remember him mentioning Minseok’s name. “Baekhyun lives with him?! When was this? Why wasn’t I informed of this?”

“I’ve seen him once or twice—I mean, Baekhyun told us all!”

“He did? I thought it was his childhood friend or something.”

“Minseok is his childhood friend.”

Well shit, that’s a turn of event. He somewhat recalls rumors of him dating his childhood, also best friend sometime during their years in high school, but he waved it off. “Fuck, that was the roommate Minseok was talking about?” he asks, more to himself. “Oh my god, it’s the dude Baekhyun’s rumored to be in a romantic relationship of.”

“Seriously?” Jongdae groans. “Your love interests always end up being the shittiest of choices.”

“I can’t help it!” Chanyeol grabs his latte and takes a sip from it. “Like, this entire situation makes me so uncomfortable! Why couldn’t it be less—I don’t know, clichéd romantic and more? More?”

“Like your stupid inspirational quotes on Tumblr?”


Jongdae shrugs. “I tried.”

“Ugh, I’m going to see him tomorrow too! What if Baekhyun tells him about all the embarrassing things I did in high school? What if—“ A horrified expression forms on his face. “What if he tells Minseok about the time I pissed my pants in the middle of P.E?”

“Baekhyun wouldn’t be that much of a douche.”

“I don’t want this,” he whines. “What do I do? Jongdae, save me.”

Jongdae looks at him and sighs. “Well, we’ll just see what happens.”


“It’s only been a day right?” Jongdae reasons, “well, I’m assuming it’s been a day since only you would overreact this bad, but let’s see what happens. Develop your relationship with him and see how it turns out.”

“You,” Chanyeol starts, “are a genius.”

Jongdae smirks. “Of course I am.”

Chanyeol stands up. “You’re a great friend, even if you’re a huge douchebag.” He grabs his belongings and Jongdae stands up as well.

“I’m going to ignore the douchebag part and accept the first part.”

“Well, wish me luck. See you, Jongdae!”

He leaves the store with a grin. Hopefully he doesn’t actually have a crush on Minseok, maybe he’s just physically attracted to Minseok and not emotionally attracted to him. Yeah, that’s be good, he hopes that it’s that way then he wouldn’t have to deal with Baekhyun’s wrath! Everything would be fine and not so bad if it were that way. If only it were that way.

a/n: part one out of a thing i wrote in the summer and meant to finish in the summer /m\
the xiubaek part is a bit weird, but uhh inside joke between one of my friends since she helped me with it /o/
i feel like it's going to end up to be longer than a four parter thing, oops.

;w; i hope this is fine tho
Tags: f: exo, p: xiuyeol
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