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time is over 1/1

time is over
exo // xiuyeol // pg // wc: 1k+

▶ it's all over and everything resets.

▶▶ a/n: mama!au (ish) plus kinda based on the pv heat haze days.
p.s: unedited and written while half awake

Chanyeol and Minseok are opposites. Chanyeol by now has accepted, he’s the fire that’s wild and burns everything within its sight and Minseok—he’s ice, the ice that ends life, frosts over and freezes time, tame and deadly.

They’re opposites, he repeats in his head.

Their powers manage to seep into their personality—he despises it—it makes him unpredictable, hard to tame and always bursting with emotions while Minseok is reserved, spiteful and cold. You can’t read his expressions, you don’t know what he’s thinking. Although harmless in appearance—he’s deadly.

Once more he repeats—they’re opposites and not meant to be.

Chanyeol vaguely remembers a more human like Minseok. He doesn’t know where these memories originate from or how they resurfaced, but he’s certain those memories are much better than what’s present. In those memories he isn’t unpredictable—still, but not as much. He’s not as wild or bursting with emotions and he seems happy, genuinely happy. Minseok is the complete opposite as his current self. He’s warm, happy, easy to read and enjoys life. But best of all he smiles, he smiles a toothy smile that made his eyes curve into little crescents. Another difference is his eyes—they weren’t an icy blue, but a warm chocolate brown and his skin had more color in it, more than his current porcelain snow white skin. He can’t help but to enjoy that Minseok more—so human and filled with so many flaws, but reality hits and Minseok isn’t that—he just isn’t.

In those memories they’re meant to be, they’re not opposites, but here they are.

They’re opposites.

They’re not meant to be.

Joonmyun had told them, or rather him, that fire and ice can never mix. They’ll end up clashing each other, they’ll end up hurting each other. The two of them can’t work together (neither can he and Joonmyun he sometimes bitterly think). Opposites don’t attract—he retract as Joonmyun had said.

Everything is unfair and he wishes those memories were reality.


For once they’re together (secretly, but no one needs to know) and Minseok is in his embrace. They’re both laying in Minseok’s bed, Chanyeol cradling Minseok in his arms, rocking him back and forth. Minseok had had another one of those attacks—the ones that causes a burst of frost and cold to appear in their sanctuary, the one that causes icy spears to pierce into the ground creating a barrier around him that no one can get into except for Chanyeol. It only cause discord, tilting the scale and throwing everything off balance. It leaves Minseok in distraught, filled with too many emotions he’s not supposed to feel and strangely enough, only Chanyeol can seem to calm him down.

“Hyung,” Chanyeol mumbles into Minseok’s soft hair. “Why are you so cold?”

There isn’t a reply, just ragged breathing with white puffs of cold air.

“Hyung, I want to see the other Minseok-hyung,” he says. “The more human one.”

There still isn’t a reply, but Chanyeol continues.

“He smiles, he laughs and he’s warm—hyung, did you used to be like that? Did you used to be human, did you used to smile and laugh?” he asks. “Hyung, let me love you. Let me bring that warmth back, I am fire, right?”

Minseok looks up at him with weary eyes, for once filled with emotion. “Chanyeol, you know that won’t work, Joonmyun said—“

“Fuck what he said,” Chanyeol says, “we’re together right now and we’re perfectly fine. Look at us.”


“I haven’t accidentally burned you, you haven’t given me frostbites—why should I care what Joonmyun says?” he asks. “It’s obvious that we’re fine with each other, why can’t we be together?”

“Because we’re opposites.”

In the end they’re found out and Chanyeol is sent to the Confinement room. A windowless room that also lacked doors and provided him with everything, but interactions with others. It was unfair, but it was better than allowing Minseok in here. And he’s fine with it, he’s fine with being locked in the confinements of the room, here he’s allowed to recall all those memories that he’s so fond of.

It starts off simple—a little outing between him and Minseok. They’re out in the park holding hands, laughing and smiling at each other. They’re talking about who knows what and they’re happy. They’re not opposites, they don’t clash and then it happened. It happened suddenly and Chanyeol frowns, almost all the time the memories are happy, cheerful and filled with color. Now it’s filled with red.

Everything hits him—the memories he recalls, the memories that originate from nowhere. They’re the past cycles he’s gone through, the cycles and repeated days he’s been through to prevent something. The last memory he remembers is the car—and then there’s the noose—the bridge—the fire—the knife, everything. Everything that caused Minseok to die and everything that Chanyeol couldn’t prevent.

Minseok is going to die.

His eyes widen in realization, Minseok is going to die—he’s going to fail again. He recalls everything, the previous cycles they’ve gone through and each time unsuccessful. Only this time they’re living a different life—they’re not human but merely guardians to protect the balance of nature. It’s impossible for them to die—but Minseok is going to die.

He’s going to die today and he can’t do anything to save him.


Minseok froze himself—he encased his entire body in ice. He couldn’t take it, he couldn’t take the pain. Another attack occurred, one stronger than the others and he couldn’t take it. It hurt, everything hurt and Chanyeol wasn’t there. He wasn’t there to melt the ice that threatened to freeze over his heart. The memories of heartbreak, the emotions he shouldn’t feel—everything attacked him at once. He wasn’t supposed to feel—the ice was supposed to freeze his heart, turn him into something he wasn’t, but he prevented it, prevented it from happening all for Chanyeol. The powers went haywire—everything froze and deadly spikes of ice littered the floor. No one dared to approach Minseok, no one bothered to go fetch Chanyeol—he was in confinement, trapped until his detention is over.

It’s because they’re opposites, it’s because they clash because really in the end—Chanyeol does bring harm to Minseok, but Minseok especially hurts Chanyeol. The pain is too unbearable, no one is doing anything to help, so Minseok did what he did best—he froze everything that had caused his pain and this time it was himself. He’s frozen within his icy confinements, finally at ease—he wishes Chanyeol was there with him.

The minute hand on the large clock freezes and the whispers of, “I failed again,” echoes throughout the frozen hallways. It begins to spin counterclockwise and—

Everything resets.

cries bc im sleepy and i had this idea written a really long time ago.
hello long time no write.
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